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Welcome to Mike Mitchell's Online Portfolio. I am a professional graphic designer and Web developer with more than a decade's experience in delivering results on a diverse range or projects, including Web Sites, Web Applications, and Print.

I am currently seeking full-time employment (although I am available for contracts). Please review my portfolio to see how I can help take your business to the next level.


Updates & News

Updated my 3D modeling page
Most of my 3D work has been collected on my Renderosity gallery (see below), but I have put a few items here on this site for you to look at.

View a few samples from my 3D gallery >>

Added Photo Retouching & Restoration Gallery
I collected some of my photo retouching and reconstruction samples and put them into a single gallery. This is a very small sampling of my work over the past few years, and it includes portraits used for book covers and used in magazines. In the old days, we would have called this air brushing or retouching -- these days it's all done through the magic of Photoshop.

View my photo retouching gallery >>

Added Logomania Gallery
Over the years, I have designed more logos than I can count. These range from simple text logos to 3D treatments for video, and everything in between. These have always been represented in my work, but I've decided to collect them into a single gallery.

View my logomania gallery >>

Updated my Renderosity Gallery
The other day a friend asked if I ever do any artwork for fun, so I pointed her to my Renderosity gallery. Renderosity is an online community of artists who mostly work with digital tools. My gallery includes some of my personal projects (things where I'm just blowing off steam) and it includes some of the work included here at my portfolio.

View my Renderosity gallery (this will open in a new window) >>

Added GELB Consulting app to portfolio
Almost entirely a programming job, this ASP.NET application has the ability to be skinned based on market origin and other dynamic factors.

View Application Screenshots >>

"Sir Guy & the Beast" video on YouTube
I recently posted my old "Sir Guy" video on YouTube. This is just a bit of whimsy I created while learning Poser, and as an experiment in lipsynching (with Mimic 1.0) and in stringing multiple scenes together. I don't think Pixar will come knocking on my door, but it was all in fun.

View my YouTube Video >>

Added logo treatments for Innova
I just found these old logo treatments hiding on the Webserver. I created them waaaaay back in 2002 for a client. This mini site was posted online for the client to review the work, and he would then submit comments by phone or e-mail.

View logo treatments >>

Added Argent Consulting work to portfolio
Brochures, tradeshow graphics, product sheets, original Illustrations, and two Websites.

View Print Samples >>

View Web Samples >>

Added Insite Objects work to print portfolio
Brochures, product sheets, and original 3D Illustrations.

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Mike Mitchell design appears in international magazine
One of my original designs appeared in the March 2005 issue of 3D World magazine, the leading 3D publication in the UK and America.

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