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GELB / MediaSight

Project Scope: Create a Web application to administer media-related surveys online or over the phone.
The project scope had already been defined when I was brought in. I was responsible for creating the database (based on an Excel spreadsheet) and building the entire application, including deciding on the methodology used to drive the display logic. I also created some rudimentary reporting tools, documented the entire application, and wrote procedure guidelines of adding additional markets.
Tools/Technologies: Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, ASP.NET (using VB.NET), Firefox, IE, SQL Server 2003
Technical notes : The application needed to be dynamically skinned based on the market of origin (it should look different to people in Tampa than in Chicago). In order to keep it manageable, each market had its own tables, so people in Tampa saw only their local newspapers and people in Chicago would see only their local newspapers. The application needed to dynamically switch between these tables, for reading and posting data.
Deployment: ASP.NET (VB.NET) on IIS and SQL Server
Design Approach :
I organized the questions based on their display properties (a single column of radio buttons, a single column of check boxes, multiple columns of nested checkboxes) and created templates for each type of question. This was passed to the database which then dynamically set the page based on that information.
Date: 2006 - 07 (I was initially hired for 4-6 weeks, but they were so pleased with my work that they asked me to stay and finish the entire project, which took 5-months)
Notes: This was a very long survey with complex routing logic: answering one question might enable/disable subsequent questions. The average respondent could have as many as 400 records in the database.
Project conclusion : A rousing success. I completed the project (with several scope changes and new featuresadded) in five months. I also provided extensive documentation and in-line comments, as well as a knowledge transfer with the head of the IT department.


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