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I honestly have no idea how many logos I've created over the years, but it's a lot. In El Paso, I used to whip out 2-3 logos a week for everything from dry cleaners to restaurants and university programs. Since then, my logo output has been more directly tied to other aspects of the project. For example, when creating a new Website, the logo and identity is often just "rolled in" as part of the project description.

This page is designed to give you an overview of my numerous logo designs, and as such it includes new material and it provides links to other projects in this Website.

In some instances, I provide links to documents that show a variety of logo treatments (some used, some not), which gives you an insite into a variety of approaches that were taken during the creation process.


Logo treatment for bankruptcy trustee management software. This was part of a WPF project to skin an application.

Print & GUI : Spring 2009
Samples & Details >>

Black Flag Publishing

Logo treatment for a company that specializes in Pirate-themed games.

Print & Web : Fall 2008
Samples & Details >>

Premier Messaging Logo Treatments

5 pages of logo treatments for a telemarketing company.

Printed: 2001

PDF Samples >>
Other print samples >>

State of Dot Net

Logo concept for use in print, Web, and possibly in video, Flash or Silverlight. This early concept work was not used: I will post updates of the final logo when they are available.

Printed: Fall 2008
3D Renders >>
Vector Concept >>
3D Animation >>

Showdowns & Shootouts Logos

Logo for a Wild West game, and a second logo to support a contest sponsored by Hawgleg Publishing. The Gutshot logo uses an original 3D element, but I also created a simple, vector-based version of the logo for use in b&w print. The second logo will also be used on a book.

Numerous Uses (print, Web, etc.)
2004 & 2007
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Belgian Jennie Logo

Created a 3D character and identity for a "free-minded" pizzeria in Arizona.

Printed: Spring 2005
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Compliance Sentry Logo

Simple 2D logo created for a software product.

Printed: 2004
Samples & Details >>

InnovaSoft Logos

A combination of approaches for a software company.

Created: 2002
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The Monitor Logo

I created this logo as part of a Web application prototype.

Created: 1999-2000
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Misc. Logo Designs

As noted above, I've created many logos and treatments over the years. Here are a few quick links to some of my other work that appears in my portfolio. In all cases, I either created the logo from scratch, or incorporated the comapny's existing logo into a new, product-centric design.

NOTE: On mostof these links, you should open the PDF or other materials to get a better look at the logo.

Reliant+Trader >>
Spigot >>
Faculty Metrics >>
AEMS & Argent 3D Treatments >>
Insite Objects 3D Treatments >>
Bartley & Spears >>
DA Valdez 3D Logo Treatment >>
Emergency Warning >>
Emergency Warning Logos BIG >>
RRJ Consulting >>
Visual Knowledge Builder >>

Other Projects

3D Modeling
- Rotgut Whiskey
- 3D Phone
- 3D Scales & Flag
- Belgian Jeannie

- SilverStream
(available by request)

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Photo Restoration & Retouching
- Before & After

- TeleCheck

- TeleCheck

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