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Photo Restoration & Retouching

I have been using Photoshop professionally for more than 15 years. Although a great deal of my time is spent in using it to create art graphics for Websites, I also use it for retouching photos.

Here are a few samples of work that has been done for professional publications, as well as some projects crafted for family and friends.

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Author Book Cover

Author photo used on a book cover. I did a little "digital botox" on her to minimize some wrinkles, whitened her teeth, strengthened her hair highlights and, in general, just make her look a little brighter and energetic.

I also did the entire book cover, incorporatingone of her original symbol designs.

Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Chemical Engineering Magazine

Author photo used in Chemical Engineering magazine. More wrinkle removal, and I reconstructed his droopy right eyelid (I used his other eyelid as a base). I also tidied up his shirt.

I took this photo myself with a digital camera against an office wall.

Winter 2007

Wedding Photo Reconstruction

This was for a good friend. His mom passed away and he wanted me to fix her wedding photo as a gift for him and his brothers. This was tricky because I needed to clean things up, but still needed to keep the detail on her dress.

Summer 2007

Funeral Photo Reconstruction

My friend's dad passed away and they didn't have a suitable portrait for the funeral. She sent me these two photos (with his granddaughters). I extracted him and rebuilt his shoulders from the second image. It was complex, but worth it. When the family took it to Wal-Mart to print out a large portrait for the funeral parlor, the workers there refused, saying they couldn’t reprint a professional studio photo! They had to go back home, get the original snapshots, and show them what I had done. The people there were very impressed.

Summer 2005

Selena's Friend

My brother sent this to me with a request. His wife found the only photo in existence of his wife and her best friend when they were children. The photo was a blackened mess and he had given up on it (and he’s no slouch with Photoshop, either). I spent about three hours on this, and they were ecstatic with the results. The pattern on the sweater was particularly difficult.

I have a detailed list of my process at my Renderosity Gallery.

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Photo Restoration & Retouching
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