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Bartley & Spears

The law firm of Bartley & Spears focuses on handling legal matters for Residential Community Associations. Attorney Walter Spears came to me with a problem: his practice had lost contracts to other law firms that had shown flashy brochures to Community Association Board Members. Mr. Spears knew he needed to add a little flash to their image, so Mark Miller and I took their existing promotional material (about five pages of simple text) and helped them create a slick, focused presentation that will catch the attention of Board Members... and hold it.

The package also included a new logo, some attractive display folders (that can be purchased, inexpensively, at Office Depot), and a new Word Doc Template that keeps their new logo in the header. The finished project complements the firm's solid, professional image.

Since this brochure will always be in a folder with other full-page documents, we decided to make each brochure panel 8.5 x 11 -- a tri-fold would just get lost and seem tiny compared to the other items. We also decided that it was important to sell the attorneys themselves. Community Associations usually get bids from 3-5 law firms, often in a single evening at a monthly board meeting. Although the partners didn't relish the idea of going before the camera, they agreed that it was vital that the elected board representatives remember the attorneys faces. So, they agreed to sit for formal portraits with Lieber Photographic Studios.

- Full-size, 8.5 x 11 brochure

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Bi-fold Brochure

I knew I wanted to use strong, iconic images to represent the firm, but couldn't find a single photo that I liked. Therefore, I created my own image in Strata 3D. The hi-resolution image was rendered with raytracing (to capture the flag's reflection in the gold); soft shadows and lens flare were enhanced in post production with Photoshop.

Printed: Spring 2002
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