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Compliance Sentry

This is one of the rare projects where everything came together to create something spectacular. I was working with a new salesman who was responsible for branding an existing software product with a new name and logo. The product is designed to help companies achieve and maintain environmental regulatory compliance.

I quickly created the logo. It only took a few tries to find something the client would approve. It was very simple, but it fit the product and blended well with the company's existing color scheme (bright red and black)

Then we moved on to creating the product sheet for a trade show. After a few hours of brainstorming, we coined the phrase: “Regulatory Compliance is No Game.” Together we got the idea of using the “Get out of Jail” and “Go Directly to Jail” cards. Right then and there, it all came together in my mind. I could see a Monopoly board with the spaces renamed with topics about environmental regulatory issues.

I started to work and took the whole thing through design, texturing, modeling, layout and writing the text in a little more than a week (some of that time was dependant on approval time from the client).

I created the texture for the board in Adobe Photoshop, using stock clip art. I created the cartoon character art from stock figures in Poser (I morphed the Barney character into the cop, using free guns, hats, and other props from Renderosity). I converted the cartoon figures into line art in Photoshop to create the textures for the Jail cards. I couldn’t find dice models that I liked, so I quickly modeled my own (simple cubes using bump maps for the pips). Finally, I put it all together in Strata 3D and rendered the high-resolution images suitable for printing.

The results were spectacular! This is one of those pieces that just catch people’s attention when they see it. The client was so thrilled that he actually made a mock up of the game board to use at trade shows.

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full-size cover

My biggest thrill, however, came from the recognition it received from other professional 3D artists. I had posted the images in my gallery at and was contacted in about a week with a request to include the image in 3D World magazine’s “Exhibition” section (a gallery featuring the best professional and student work, as selected by the magazine editors and staff at Renderosity).

Among 3D artists, this publication is arguably the most prestigious magazine in the UK, North America, and Europe. Additionally, this was an even bigger thrill because this is my favorite industry magazine, which I’ve been reading every month for more than six years.

Both ComplianceSentry images were submitted, but they ran the second one in 3D World #62, March 2005 issue, page 15.

Tools: Photoshop, Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Poser, Strata 3D


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  • 3D Illustrations
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  • Software graphics

300 kb

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in new window.

2-Page Product Sheet

Full-color product sheet created for a trade show. The illustration was created from scratch in Strata 3D. The textures were created in Photoshop from stock clip art and from cartoon characters rendered in Poser 5.

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Full color, output on color Xerox.

Printed: Winter 2004
Print samples available

950 kb

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4-Page Product Sheet

Full-color product sheet created for a trade show. Another view of the same scene, this time adding a computer monitor with software screenshots.

Sheet Size: 11" x 17"
Fold Size: 8.5" x 11"
Full color, output on color Xerox.

Printed: Winter 2004
Print samples available

85 kb
(scroll down on page for image)

Get Out of Jail Free

Image that appeared in 3D World magazine. This was used on the back of the 2-page product sheet.

Printed: Winter 2004
Print samples available

135 kb
(scroll down on page for image)

Go Directly to Jail

Larger view of the image used on the 2-page product sheet. This render shows more of the board.

Printed: Winter 2004
Print samples available

105 kb

Experience Regulatory Freedom

Old images never die, they just get reused. I needed a Web graphic, so I whipped up this one using renders that I already had on hand.

Created: Spring 2005

For more about this project
(texturing, software details, and alternate renders),
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