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Image selected for magazine

I actually prefer the other image, but this is the one selected by the magazine editors.
This is much larger than the version printed in the magazine; it's enlarged so you can
appreciate the detail in the image. This was a very large render (more than 300 pixels wide),
so the detail holds up really well, even at small sizes.

The texture on the "Get out of Jail Free" card was created using the Gramps character
from Poser 5. The “Free Wingset” prop was created by Cage and is available at
the Renderosity Website.


Regulatory Compliance Gameboard

The image below did not appear in the magazine, but in many ways I prefer it to the one they selected
because I feel it does a better job of capturing the message, "Regulatory Compliance
is no game!" I believe this render was more than 4800 pixels wide, which helped
the text remain legible at small sizes. The final color print out of this image,
as it appeared in the product sheets, is very impressive.


For more about this project (texturing, software details, and alternate renders),
please visit my 3D Art portfolio >>

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