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Premier Messaging

Premier Messaging has been a resounding success as an example of how the Web and Print can create true synergy. My collaborator, Mark Miller, and I helped an established client create a new division from scratch... all at a very reasonable price that delivered a solid ROI on the client's investment.

This piece showcases some of Mark's finest writing and some of my finest design work and technical execution.

- Brochure

Samples to come
- Logo
- Business Cards
- Letterhead & Envelope
- 3D Telephone

I created this Website for the client to view the materials online. As you'll see, may of the ideas went through several versions before reaching the final stage. All files are in PDF format. You need the Acrobat Reader to view them.

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Tri-fold Brochure

The PDF sample of the brochure does not do justice to the finished piece. It is stunning with vibrant colors and crystal-clear images. I worked in Photoshop and PageMaker 6.5. I also spent a lot of time tweaking the separations... and it shows.

Printed: Winter 2001
Print Sample Available

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Logo Sampler

The first part of the design process was to create a logo for the new company. We established early that the client wanted a 2-color or 3-color design that wuold blend well with his other company logo. Here's a few pages of designs and variations on the themes we established during our original brainstorming sessions.

The logos were designed for use on business cards, stationary, and the Web.

Created: Winter 2001

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