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Design Tech Homes

Project Scope: Create a Website for a builder of custom homes.
Primary designer. Created core graphics and UI motifs. Bulk processed (using custom Photoshop Actions) interior graphics, floorplans, house elevations, and standardized them for inclusion in database. Final site implemented by DTH staff.
Design Philosophy/Notes:One of the most difficult and frustrating projects I've ever been associated with. The owner wanted one look, the Head of Marketing wanted another, and I got caught in the middle trying as they worked it out. Out of professional courtesy, the less said about this, the better.
Tools/Technologies: Photoshop, FrontPage 2000, HTML, Flash 5
Deployment: ASP on NT Servers
Date: April 2001
Note: Only some of my work is intact: the amateurish redesign and implementation was performed by the client's technical staff.


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