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Premier Messaging

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Project Scope: Create a Website with public and private areas that requires users to log-in after their identities have been validated.
Created and deployed entire site based on graphics created for print brochure, business cards, and letterhead.
Design Philosophy/Notes: Site needed to be slick, secure, and fast loading while continuing to express the professional look and feel created for their print projects.
Tools/Technologies: Photoshop, Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, HTML, CSS, PHP
Deployment: PHP on Apache Server running on Red Hat Linux
Date: Jan. 2002

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Take a peek into the design process; this project shows a clear progression from where we started to where we wound up.

I presented the client with static, single-image screenshots (exactly what you see here) to help him narrow the direction and color scheme. Also note that when we started, the client hadn't even selected the final company name.

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